eCom Accelerators Refund Policy

Hi Jordan here, just wanted to let you know that I greatly appreciate your purchase of my "0-100" program.

I know that situations can arise or you may have potentially felt that this content was not the right fit for you, so you may be inclined to seek out a refund after your purchase.

Since I am providing an information product in which the content can be consumed, downloaded, and implemented upon it's not entirely reasonable to be able to refund someone who has viewed the majority of the content as they can very easily still get the value out of the purchase and then request a refund afterwards.. that is why I have developed this policy.

As the product is a digital purchase, once a purchase has been made, the only time a refund will be issued is if less than 35% of course material has been viewed and the product was sold at full price within 30 days.

Discounted sales are not eligible for refunds at any time. Unfortunately with digital goods, and myself providing information and value, that value and information cannot be returned.

If you have a situation in which you feel that is essential for you to get a refund message me and we can talk about it.

Thanks for understanding.